The Stockholm Diary is delighted to present you the winning artists of our very first contest: "Capture the moment" international photography exhibition.

The curatorial team has had a difficult task to choose from a great variety of applicants. The Top 26 who have been granted the opportunity to participate in our exhibition in January, 2017: (in alphabetical order). The Jury's Choice goes to Crisia Miroiu's photo titled: Old friendships. During the exhibition, visitors are asked to vote for their favorite photo in the exhibition. At the end of the contest, a People's Choice will be announced as well.

  • Adi Oz-Ari (ISR) 
  • Alain Schroeder (BEL)
  • Anna Gibbs (USA)
  • Ben Livne Weitzman (ISR)
  • Birgit Stigter (GER)
  • Birka Wiedmaier (RUS)
  • Crisia Miroiu (SVK)
  • Emese Gergely (HUN)
  • Gábor Oláh (HUN)
  • Gary Duehr (GER)
  • George Digalakis (GRC)
  • Harry Longstreet (USA)
  • Ildikó Lukács (HUN)
  • Yoong Wah Alex Wong (MAL)
  • Joseph O'Neill (USA)
  • Judit Mann (HUN)
  • Luca Rátkai (HUN)
  • Luigi Fieni (ITA)
  • Maya Smira (ISR)
  • Merlin Ortner (GER)
  • Myriam Haccoun (ISR)
  • Nicole Henning (SUI)
  • Sanja Jovic (UK)
  • Steffen Faist (DEN)
  • Stephanie Guillen (SUI)
  • Viet Van Tran (VIE)

People's Choice: Viet Van Tran (VIE).